Why We Like the Waves Ecosystem

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends” ~ The Beatles

The cryptocurrency space is often presented as a gauntlet of combatants trying desperately to beat out each other to reach some elusive goal in funding, press, capabilities, and more. The Bullcoin Foundation thinks it is time to end this mindset and look for opportunities to work with more partners and thank those who have made it easier for us to develop and run a successful token and business.

We’d like to start with Waves and its existing ecosystem.

Bullcoin Gold was launched on the Waves platform because we found it to be the most cost-effective and business-friendly way to launch a cryptocurrency project. Our research found that Waves was among the fastest and most scalable open blockchain platforms in the world — the company says it can process 100 transactions per second, much faster than many other platforms.

On Waves, we found a blockchain full of powerful tools that made it easy to create our project and share it with you.

Simplicity for Investors and Backers

A significant part of our decision involved determining what would be best for the people we wanted to invest in Bullcoin Gold and join our cryptocurrency hedge fund. So, the goal for us was to select a platform designed to be easy to understand and use, while also being secure.

Waves meets this need for us because of the friendliness of its crypto wallet. It’s straightforward and features a variety of tools that make it easy to buy, sell, and exchange coins as well as manage the wallet. The inclusion of fiat currency support also makes us confident that people interested in buying Bullcoin Gold can get easy access to it.

The wallet itself also includes a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) that looks familiar to most who are interested cryptocurrency and have visited that or a stock exchange service.

Even for newcomers, the presentation of the DEX within the wallet is simple enough that it will likely encourage use instead of being too frightening and scaring people away.

Business Development Support

If you’re considering creating a cryptocurrency or token, especially one that will launch with an ICO, we think it’s smart to look at the Waves platform, especially its Waves Lab. The company runs an incubator that can boost potential innovative ideas, and we monitor the Waves Lab to see what new ideas are being launched and innovation that’s occurring.

If you’re not interested in that type of incubator, Waves is still a smart platform to consider because of its existing community. There is a significant amount of interaction around marketing, materials, compliance, and suggestions to improve ideas, all available for free and coming from leaders as well as crypto-enthusiasts.

Depending on your location, there may also be a local community group available to you. Meeting in person is a great way to think, discover, and explore innovative ideas in a framework that’s supportive.

When we’re looking at new tokens to invest in, their presence on Waves is a positive. It offers a thriving ecosystem, and the company works to help ensure that it incentivizes responsible token sales. There are even standards for tokenization and sales campaigns, things like due diligence for investors, that it has created with the help of Deloitte and others.

See for Yourself

Waves is on its way to be a complete ecosystem that supports a wide range of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and some upcoming developments will enable features like smart contracts, voting, atomic swaps.

While we can keep talking about the benefit of Waves and its ecosystem, the company has made it easy to see the bigger picture. Check out this visualization of the current state of Waves:


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