Bullcoin Gold Update: ICO Kickoff

As the Bullcoin Foundation continues to grow and expand our team (see our post on fund managers as well as our advisors), we wanted to provide a quick update on the launch of our ICO and the early success and interest we’re seeing.

We wanted to thank everyone for their support so far, encourage you to join us if you haven’t, and share some reasons that we believe 2018 will big a big year for the Bullcoin Foundation and BCG.

About Our Tokens

Bullcoin Foundation is making 5 million BCG available during our ICO as the hard cap, with no soft cap in mind. The amount we raise will be used to start our hedge fund services, so larger sales initially will provide the potential for larger returns down the road. That said, we believe our continued growth path will help us raise significant capital and encourage our fund to expand and be well positioned for success.

The Waves platform and wallet have been well-received by our community as well as for many other ICOs, coins, and investors, so we feel the selection was the right choice. Its DEX has allowed us to make transactions quickly.

We’ve made some updates to our whitepaper to reflect growing team members and advisors, plus highlight some of the advantages we see for ourselves in this space.

ICO Reminders

Here are a few things to remember about our ICO:

  • The hard cap is 5 million BCG out of a total of 21 million. There will be no additional issuance of BCG in the future.
  • BCG is priced at $0.8 during the ICO, a 20% reduction from the $1 valuation that will be used immediately after the ICO ends. We project a steady, reasonable value increase throughout 2018.
  • The ICO will end on 20 February 2018 at 9 a.m. (GMT+8) or when the hard cap is reached.
  • You can acquire BCG on the DEX in the Waves Wallet.
  • DEX Identifier: 88FhqNzTLAhQzdapjpFL9GkP8Wx9qBzFTksTdRAwkoWS
  • On the online client wallet on wavesplatform.com, use the identifier above or type in “Bullcoin Gold”.
  • Some alternative payment options are available. Please contact us to learn more.

Our current roadmap


A Recap of Us and Our Fund Philosophy

In case this is the first time you’re learning about us and BCG, here’s a quick primer to help you understand us and our mission.

The Bullcoin Foundation is a cryptocurrency hedge fund, and BCG is our token. Funds collected from the token distribution will be managed by a team of experienced cryptocurrency fund managers with proven track records in cryptocurrency investing.

The Foundation’s project team was created to manage operations for distribution, management of the Bullcoin Gold investment fund, and to provide you with updates like this one.

Our mission is to develop a robust hedge fund with a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency assets that will minimize investment risks and maximize returns for the token holders. The portfolio will contain more than 50 cryptocurrencies and offer more opportunities to make exponential gains while limiting token holders’ risk exposure should any of these cryptocurrency projects fail.

We believe that the current rollercoaster in valuation is natural as markets try to determine which cryptocurrencies and blockchain development have a true worth and utility. The market is still young and technological development is still in its beginning stages, plus there has not been a mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, yet.

In viewing this market holistically, we see plenty of opportunity for market growth in cryptocurrencies as well as potential investment paths that can mitigate or limit risk while creating significant potential for gains.

Our BCG fund managers will consistently perform a thorough analysis of individual tokens and market conditions to identify legitimate projects with the potential to deliver high returns for the fund. Our success is tied to this ability, and we have high hopes for what’s next.

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