Bullcoin All-Stars: Getting to Know Our Team

The sale of Bullcoin Gold (BCG) is really taking off! Our ICO runs through February 20th, so you’ve still got time to get in on the action.


We think that’s in large part to our amazing team, so we wanted to take a little bit of your time and introduce the team here at the Bullcoin Foundation. A hedge fund is only as good as its fund managers, and that means we’re in great shape.

When you join us by purchasing BCG, you’ll be primed for a smart investment that aims to minimize risk and protect assets by creating a diverse portfolio that balances established cryptocurrencies with potential market movers. It’s a steady path forward that we think will help us grow best.

Fund Managers

The Bullcoin Foundation has grown to seven fund managers with a variety of backgrounds who can best help us grow while understanding risks of cryptocurrencies as well as changes in the global markets. We aim to become proactive to market movements and regulatory concerns so we can best choose investments and seek out the highest gains.

Here is a brief introduction to our team.


Nicholas Foo

Mr. Foo is the founder of our Bullcoin Gold project and got us started thanks to his past work and connections in more than 200 countries. His past includes serving as a multilingual entrepreneur in both cryptocurrency and tea industries, as well as providing translation services.

Petro Levchenko

Mr. Levchenko is a discretionary investment manager and consultant who now specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has roughly a decade of experience in trading fiat currencies and currency derivatives for investment banks. Past work includes his position as a senior currencies trader for RBS and extensive experience in algorithmic trading.

Ahmed Elabbady

Mr. Elabbady serves as the founder and CEO of the Cryptocurrency Investment Group based in the U.S. He brings more than 18 years of experience in the financial sector to the Bullcoin Foundation. Past work has included multiple leadership roles at U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and BMO Harris, as well as founding the Advisen Group in Dubai.

Dr. Nicholas Marc Francis

Dr. Francis provides us with a wealth of knowledge in trading thanks to his background in quant futures trading, plus a cryptographic background through his time in military research. He currently has a 7-year positive live trading track record developing and managing end-to-end trading platforms that use his own algorithms. Past highlights include his time at VCM Fund Management, where Dr. Francis produced a gross return of 59% in 31 months; and his efforts as a portfolio manager at Satori Capital achieved a gross return of 38% over 35 months.

Ruslan Kuchma

Mr. Kuchma has been working in the financial sector and enterprise securities since 2005, when he was trading at the stock exchange at closed joint stock company Intercontinentbank. In 2017, he supervised deals with different securities and organized the private investing department of the Swedbank Invest closed joint stock company. Mr. Kuchma also works as an asset manager at one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural groups in the Ukraine.


Andre Snyman

Mr. Snyman is a full-time trader, getting his start in 2004 at BVG Pretoria. He brings a passion for equity markets, commodity trading, and hedge fund management as well as an interest in cryptocurrencies. With more than 13 years of trading experience, we’re glad to be joined by a BVG Schweizer director and the founder of Incrypto, which is achieving a growth of 1000%+ in cryptocurrencies for their clients.

Resley Cassaro

Mr. Cassaro is a top analyst and cryptocurrency trader. His background in wealth management and FX electronic broking, as well as project management, is helping to set the direction for the Bullcoin Foundation. He has gained renown for delivering complex client relationship and service solutions with strategic initiatives and targets that come in on-time and under budget.

A Broad Set of Experience

As you can see, the Bullcoin Foundation is primed to capitalize on this market. We have global experts who can take market information and turn it into positive insight that can be used for smarter investing.

Plus, we have a list of world-class advisors also helping us too. Chief economists, leaders in exchanges, cryptocurrency founders, and U.N. advisors are all onboard with BCG and aim to make it as big of a success as possible.

We invite you to learn a little more about us and our mission by reading our posts and whitepaper. And, if you join us during our Initial Coin Offering, ending February 20th, you can also secure a premium rate for your BCG. Listen to your instincts, look for support, invest wisely, and take appropriate risks. We’ll be there for you during all of it.

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